Information for New Clients

Using our services at St Michaels

We would be happy to discuss the services we have at St Michaels that might be of interest to you. You are always welcome to bring a family member, friend or advocate when you are talking to us.

Some services require you to have a referral from Disability Services (DHHS). We can assist with this.

For information about support services call St Michaels on 03 6331 7651.

Admission form

Please download and  complete the St Michaels Association Inc. Admission Form and the National Minimum Data Set Collections, please contact us if your require assistance

Click here for St Michaels Association Inc. Admission Form

Click here for the NMDS form

Who will help manage my budget?

The Disability Services Manager will discuss the budget with the person and their designated family member / support person and document the budget, ensuring that the expenses don’t exceed income.

The Budget Sheet becomes part of the client’s support documentation. A copy is available:

  • In their home or unit
  • For residents of group homes, in the client’s file
  • In the office file

The Budget Sheet can be changed whenever the client requests a change. For some clients this is a weekly event.

In respect for the person’s privacy we typically don’t send a copy of the Budget Sheet to the family member/s without the request of the client.

But if the client, their family member or advocate wishes to see the Budget Sheet then they are welcome to contact the Disability Services Manager for an appointment or to have one posted out.

Staff members use the Budget Sheet to decide how much money to put on the withdrawal form, and what money is needed during the week.

Staff members can’t withdraw more than the amount of money on the Budget Sheet without the permission of the Disability Services Manager. 

Once you sign the withdrawal form then the staff member can help you withdraw the money from the bank.

How are my expenses recorded?

Once your money is withdrawn from the bank we hold it in a safe place in the house (or for unit residents in the office).

Withdrawals are made according to the amounts you have agreed to in the Budget Sheet. For example if you have agreed to pay $10 off your insurance then we withdraw that amount from your funds and pay it for you.

Each resident has their own Account Book. Each time any money is added to or subtracted from the client’s money an entry is made in the Account Book. You can see this Account Book

The day to day task of handling and recording cash transactions is the responsibility of the staff member on duty.

Who manages my bank account?

Your Bank Account is your business. We are not account signatories to client’s accounts. Some people ask their family member to help them manage their bank account, but this is their choice..