St Michaels - Registered Training Organisation #60067

Provide Nationally Accredited qualifications to existing workers & Jobseekers.

What qualifications & funding assistance can St Michaels provide?
This training may be free to your organisation due to St Michaels winning contracts with Skills Tasmania on your behalf.

What is training and assessment?
In developing delivery and assessment strategies, St Michaels Association can be flexible, creative and responsive to diverse industry and employer/client needs as long as they meet the specific Training Package requirements.

1. User Choice contracts (traineeship with an Employer)
TLI11215 Certificate I in Warehousing Operations.
AHC20416 Certificate II Horticulture.
MSM20116 Certificate II Process Manufacturing.

2. Demand Led - Skills Fund 
The Skills Fund program subsidises the cost of training across a range of qualifications to build a productive and competitive workforce.
Tenders are submitted as a partnership arrangement.
STMA currenty has a range of Skills Fund funded programs for existing workers and Jobseekers across the state.

3. Initial 5 Day Health & Safety Representatives (HSR) Training
This cost effective and comprehensive five-day course will provide an understanding of the key practices and principles to assist HSRs and deputy HSRs in their role. The course is divided into 5 sessions (1 day per week for 5 weeks) covering important aspects of the role and powers of elected HSR’s as detailed in the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2012.This program is delivered by St Michaels Association who is a Work Standards Tasmania approved provider of this course. (Tasmania only)

4.  Forklift Training and Assessment
St Michaels is approved by WorkSafe Tasmania to provide FORKLIFT theory and practical training and to authorise a participants High Risk Work license in conjunction with a Registered Assessor. Training and Assessment is linked to accredited unit of competency TLID2010A Operate a Forklift

5.Fee for Service
We can provide high quality training courses and workshops which are designed to meet your needs delivered in an interactive, enjoyable and affordable manner.

We strive to assist our students to ‘think’ and to challenge them in a fun way and leave a lasting impression. As well as this we aim to inspire and give them the confidence to adapt and change for the better.

Can I get assistance with or do I need a  workforce development plan?
Developing a workforce plan can help you have the right number of people in the right jobs at the right time with the right skills to meet your companies goals and objectives, and to plan for future growth.

St Michaels Association can offer assistance with workforce development through accredited training which we can tailor to meet your needs.


RTO ID 60067