Inclusive Education

This program is available across Tasmania

St Michaels works in conjunction with the Department of Education to offer support to students with special learning needs.

Learning programs are developed by the teaching and resource staff of the school, and St Michaels staff assists with the implementation of the program.

Depending on the needs of the student this might occur at home, or part at home / part at school.


The program meets the needs of students during school terms. Students may be eligible to access other programs outside of the school term


This program is hosted by the school, and is conducted within the school as much as possible depending on the needs of the student

St Michaels delivers support to students across regional and metropolitan Tasmania (NE, North, NW, SE and SW Tasmania)

How to apply

Referals are recieved by St Michaels from the Department of Education and related agencies.

For more information please contact St Michaels on 03 6331 7651.

Please come and visit us!

You are welcome to arrange at time to visit St Michaels. This will give you the opportunity to see the facilities for yourself, meet some of the staff, and talk with some of the clients who attend our services.