Manager Residential Services - Sharon Cuthbertson

Please welcome Sharon Cuthbertson as St Michaels' Manager Residential Services.

Sharon has worked extensively in the Disability Sector, including direct support, coordinating children’s respite and adult residential accommodation services.

Sharon has completed a number of years of university study in psychology and sociology and is currently working on a degree in Behaviour Science. Other education includes a Diploma of Disability, Acquired Brain Injury and has been an accredited PART trainer.

"My passion is behaviour management which I have had 2 years’ experience as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist under a psychologist utilising ABA discreet trial training". During this time Sharon has learnt a lot about behaviour and how it impacts on a person’s everyday life, feelings of belonging, joy and happiness and all emotions which then drives different behaviour/responses.

"I really get a lot  out of helping people to improve the quality of their lives by making changes that will help them to cope or manage a little better".

 Welcome to St Michaels Sharon and congratulations on your new role.