Media Release

Date: 16th January 2019

Details: Great News for people living and working their disabilities on the North-West Coast of Tasmania.   

St Michaels Association Inc. has commenced implementation plans to deliver disability supports, programs and services to residents on the North-West Coast of Tasmania.

St Michaels’ believes there is a need for these supports given the numerous requests to deliver services in this region from organisations, families and participants of the NDIS.

St Michaels’ footprint and commitment to the North-West coast population is not by renting a property in Devonport and being a “pop-up service provider”, but instead has decided to make a long term commitment to the region by purchasing an expansive property at 19 North Caroline Street East Devonport (formerly the Oakwood School).

The property and buildings will require minor transformation only to provide community access and centre based programs for Tasmanians for Northwest Tasmanians and will be operating from the 1st of February 2019. This commitment will provide further choice and control to those Tasmanians wishing to be supported by a disability services provider of some 52 years of experience.

Respite services will commence late 2019-20, with independent living units commencing 2020-21 for those participants we will be working with from our daily support services.

It is an exciting time for St Michaels as it expands its operations from the North of the State to the North-West region.

We look forward to working with you and supporting Tasmanian’s living and working with a disability on the north-west coast of Tasmania.

John Gilpin, CEO

Please note: Staff and myself will be at 19 North Caroline St East Devonport on the 22nd of January, 2019 from 10:00am if a reporter would like to interview us and pictures of hanging signage.


St Michaels Association Inc. is bringing its’ 52 years of experience with working with disabled   Tasmanians to the North West of Tasmania. This commitment to the North West population is not an insignificant one as demonstrated by the footprint and purchase (not rent) a 29,000 square metre property with substantial infrastructure.

This property is situated at:  19 North Caroline Street, East Devonport. TAS 7310

New contact number from 31st January 2019 is (03) 6459 2522
Until the property is fully operational with staff please contact us on (03) 6331 7651. 

Primary Contacts:
Marcia Lade, Program Coordinator

Rod Campbell, State Manager Disability Services

John Gilpin, CEO

Day Program rooms

Cooking Practice Room for Independent Living
Courtyard (Undercover) Hall, Drama, Music Room
Activity Type Room Hall, Drama, Music Room
Front Entrance Facilities
Front Entrance Sports Hall/Gymnasium

We look forward to working with you – participants of the NDIS in the North West of Tasmania, winning your support of this initiative however and more importantly giving your participants opportunity for choice from a longstanding and respected service provider.

Goal one: Centred based and in community with transport provided. Personal Supports

Goal two: Respite services in late 2019-2020

Goal three: Build purpose built Independent Living Units for those we have been working with - 2020-22