Independent Living Units

St Michaels has 21 units on the Newstead Campus available for long-term rental to people with intellectual disabilities.

The latest Stage 3 units (3x one bedroom and 5x two bedroom units) opened on the 8th of December 2010 with funding from the federal government National Building Economic Stimulus Package - Social Housing.

Most residents receive some support with domestic tasks from St Michaels or another support provider. They may have an individual support package.

The units are self-contained, and are close to other support services on campus which are staffed overnight.

Current rents are $123 pw for a one bedroom and $150 pw for a two bedroom unit.

Aerial view of Newstead units

Newstead Units aerial view (prior to Stage 3)

Front view of 1 bedroom unit    View of kitchen   View of unit side at front   

Left to Right: Front of Unit, Kitchen, and front of unit viewed from the side

View of bedroom



The Newstead Campus is located at 22 Hoblers Bridge Road, Newstead, Tasmania.


Tenancy is subject to a standard residential tenancy agreement, rent is paid fortnightly in advance.

How to apply

For more information about our rental units please contact St Michaels on 03 6331 7651

Lease-for-Life option

For families who can afford to purchase a unit we offer a lease-for-life arrangement for eligible residents.

Fortnightly fees apply. Some of the leasehold payment is refundable within the initial 10 year period.

For more information on our Lease-for-Life Units click here

Please come and visit us!

You are welcome to arrange a time to visit St Michaels. This will give you the opportunity to see the facilities for youself, meet some of the staff, and talk to some fo the clients who attend our services.