Curious about what we did over summer? Read on for our supported accommodation news round-up.

The holiday season and summer months gave us time to reflect, relax and have fun. We had a chance to think about the goals that we’d set earlier in the year and take pride in our achievements. We also had plenty of free time to do the activities we love.

Merton House

At Merton House, we had a great summer full of outdoor activities. We went swimming, went to the park, and had barbecues for dinner. Luke and Kevin enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights around Launceston.

Our yearly Christmas dinner was also a big hit, and our residents all went off to celebrate Christmas in different ways. Kevin spent the week with his dad and Luke travelled to Melbourne. Ben and George had lunch at the Newstead Hotel, while Jacob and Brandon had lunch with their families.

After the holiday season, Kevin moved into his new home in Sayer Street. We’ll miss you, Kevin!

Desmond Wood

For residents at Desmond Wood, the end of 2018 was jam-packed with fun and festivities. Alex went swimming at the gorge, accompanied by Amelia who was happy to go along for the entertainment. Ashlee spent a lot of her time exploring the area and adding to her collection of interesting rocks. The group also enjoyed summer night barbecues and visits from friends.

Aside from the refreshing break, residents were also able to polish up many of the new skills they’d developed throughout the year. Brody became a master chef, while Josh now completes his morning chores independently. Good work everyone!

Como Crescent

Our residents at Como Crescent enjoyed a busy Christmas period. We had a St Michaels Christmas dinner, had barbecues and picnics in the warm weather, and had a buffet lunch on Christmas day at the Newstead Hotel. We also saw The Grinch at Village Cinemas. The film gave us a good laugh, but also prompted long and interesting chats about friendship and the Christmas period.

After Christmas, we were struck by a mini-heatwave. So we made trips to the Cataract Gorge and to the pools to swim and cool off. We also found relief at the QVMAG Museum, Myrtle Park and by browsing the local shops.

Penquite Road

Our Penquite residents had a relaxing summer. We set up a glorious Christmas tree on our freshly cleaned carpet, and Gary and Paul went off to stay with family. The rest of us had a delicious lunch on Christmas day at the Newstead Hotel.

Also over summer, Robyn took her harmonica down to the pond at Punchbowl Park and played it for the ducks. She also went to see Crimes of Grindelwald and had dinner at KFC where she ordered and paid independently.

Sayer Street

Summer at Sayer Street was busy and full of change. We welcomed Kevin and Sam to our home, and they spent several days unpacking and settling in. Kevin and Sam also spent a lot of time getting to know each other and enjoying the warm weather. We went for walks around Launceston as well as setting new goals for 2019.

Barton Street

The end of 2018 has been very entertaining for the residents of Barton Street. Krystal sang and performed at several end-of-year parties. At the NOSS end-of-year barbecue, she was accompanied in her performance by her lovely dog Mya who was dressed as a reindeer.

We were all very excited when Krystal reached one of her goals for 2018. With her helpful dog in tow, Krystal succeeded in taking 2000 steps a day! Krystal also did a great job of taking care of Mya in the warm summer weather. Krystal made sure Mya stayed cool, gave her baths, and made sure she had plenty of water to drink.

Keep up the awesome work, Krystal and Mya!

Kenneth Court

Kenneth Court, we had a busy Christmas period filled with exciting activities. Nick spent time with his family and caught up with his sisters. Andrew celebrated his birthday by going out for tea with his housemates and friends. Val worked diligently on her goal of keeping her bedroom clean and practising applying makeup. Stephen spent time with housemates, went to Christmas breakup parties and caught up with some old friends.

During the warmer months, we enjoyed the weather by having barbecues, spending time in the sun, and having dinner outside. Val did a bit of travelling around Tasmania with her sisters. She went to a blueberry farm, stayed a few nights at the Great Lake, and spent some quality time with her nephews.

Hawthorn Street

Hawthorn residents enjoyed the festive season with new adventures and endless opportunities. Sarah went off to Melbourne to spend time with family, reporting back that Melbourne was very hot. Heath also spent his Christmas with family, loving not only all the gifts he received but the joy his gifts brought to others. Meanwhile, Hannah and Sarah spent time with their families, making the most of the sunshine and relaxing at home.

We spent the remainder of the summer trying to stay cool. We visited the gorge, had water fights, and took a lot of trips to the cinemas.