St Michaels participants joined fellow competitors for Tasmania’s one and only marathon festival, the Burnie Ten. The results of the race were startling.

The day of the Burnie Ten race was bright and sunny. Our enthusiastic participants from St Michaels stepped up to the challenge: a 5 or 10-kilometre race through the streets of Burnie. The atmosphere was electric as our team joined the hundreds of competitors who’d arrived for the day.

Having started in 1984, the Burnie Ten is now in its 35th year. This exciting event attracts tourists, competitors and athletes from across the country. It’s one of our most beloved yearly events.

The 10km race

The day started with the 10km event. Our participants were Glenn, Lyn, Jo, George, Aaron and Emiel. They waited at the start line before setting out for the long walk ahead.

Out of our St Michaels team, George completed the walk with the best time. He was followed by Emiel, who came a close second, and Aaron, who came third. Glenn, Jo and Lyn all put in star performances.

Our times:

George K 01:17:14
Emiel B 01:38:26
Aaron H 01:49:19
Glenn P 01:23:12
Jo W 02:10:24
Lyn 02:10:24

The 5km run

Next came the 5km event. Our participants from St Michaels were Alanna, Andrew, Emma, Michael, John, Aron and Ben. Out of our team, John finished with the best time, closely followed by Alanna and Andrew.

We were grateful to the organisers for adding the 5km race, as it gave us more options. The task of the 5km race is less daunting but it still provided us with achievements.

Our times:

John R 00:41:31
Alanna J 00:56:05
Andrew E 00:56:25
Michael R 00:58:38
Ben H 01:05:17
Emma M 01:34:15
Aron B Participated but no recorded time

Wrapping up

Several participants achieved their personal best times and finished with big smiles on their faces. Huge congratulations to all participants who got involved in the 2018 Burnie Ten! We are so proud of you and your achievements in terms of health and fitness.

We look forward to joining in the race again next year.